Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 13: ...What?

This episode was quite the spectacle...not for the funeral, but rather for the fact that they followed something pretty expected with something really unexpected. Let's be honest...Akihiro's decision to pilot the Gusion was not surprising at all. It's a powerful machine that seems to be linked to the Barbatos and Akihiro's been stuck with a custom Graze for a while. There's no way it would just get tossed away. But who expected the kiss scene at the end? I understand that Mikazuki was discovering emotion, but that scene was pretty shocking.

I don't see much action in the preview for next week's episode, but it looks like we'll be reaching a colony. Will we finally be getting a focus on Fumitan as well? Honestly, I just really want to see Akihiro in action now that he has a legitimate mobile suit. So whenever anyone can make that happen...that would be nice.

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