Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 12: Charge!

Wow...I was seriously not expecting such a slaughterhouse in this week's episode. I thought the space pirates might be a little bit more recurring, but those kids got cut down. I really liked the ramming scene in this week's episode...there's just something about seeing the characters laying out a plan and then executing it that's just satisfying. There is one thing that I've had a problem with since last week's episode, though. It's something that Gundam has done before with Rusty in Gundam Seed (if you even get that reference). I just have way too much trouble buying into everyone's obsession with Pedro. I understand that they were basically family, but it's hard to buy into that when I never even met the guy.

I'm curious what happens now that Masahiro is dead...will Akahiro blame the guy who swung the hammer and go on a revenge hunt? The preview only really shows him wallowing in depression a bit...which is pretty normal. Either way, it looks like next week's episode will be another slow one as they cool down from this week's space battle. As a final note, can I just say how weird it was that Mikazuki threw away his mace right before trying to fight the Gusion when he saw that the sword didn't work last week?

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