Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 10: Time to hear everyone's stories

Another slow episode this week to introduce a few characters' backgrounds. Was it just me or were Akihiro and Takaki triggering some serious death flags going out like that? I still think I'd be pretty upset if Akihiro died, though. He's probably my favorite character so far with how much he does in battle despite his handicaps. His story about his brother is interesting, though. There's no way that the brother won't show up in the series...probably as an enemy soldier.

In other news, Barbatos is back in action! And it made such a great entrance this week, saving us from confirming all of our death flags. It looks like next week will bring the space battles as the preview shows more scenes of Barbatos in action. Also, was that a katana that Barbatos used to take out the enemy mobile suit this week? New weapons are here! I look forward to seeing what the redesign has done for Barbatos next week.

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