Subete ga F ni Naru Episode 9: The culprit!

So it turns out to be theory 2, after all. I mentioned last week that there were two main online theories, both involving Magata's child, that made sense. I'm seeing that there is some original content for this series, so I'm starting to have some doubts about the legitimacy of these theories, but they were still interesting to read. Anyway, assuming Saikawa isn't horribly wrong, the culprit seems to have finally been revealed. It's a pretty good final twist, where Moe almost gets the right answer by getting to one of the online theories.

Now, all that remains are the motive and the rest of the cover-up. I guess it's possible that Magata was simply hiding her death to be free of her crime, but it can't just be that, right? I'd expect a character with potentially seven personalities to come up with better reasons than that. Also, where has Magata been up to now? Is it as easy as saying that she's been hiding in some unknown location on the island? Seems unlikely. The more logical conclusion is that she's masquerading as someone in plain sight, her sister being the most likely candidate. Well, we should see next week, right?

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