Young Black Jack Episode 9: Prosthetics I guess this Hyakki guy is actually the one in the opening facing off against Hazama. I suppose he certainly has the personality for it. I'm curious why he faces off against Hazama, though. Perhaps Hazama feels responsible for unleashing him on the world by performing that surgery. And perhaps Hyakki resents Hazama because the surgery has made his life even worse that it was when he was before it.

I guess next week's episode will bring him further down into darkness. It looks like the preview shows him using the sword we see him holding in the opening to kill his former friend, presumably blaming him for his rejection from the medical field. Since we're getting pretty close to the end of the series, is this surgery the reason that Hazama will become an unlicensed doctor? Perhaps Hyakki exposes him or something? It seems like the reason should be a bit more, though, doesn't it?

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