Owari no Seraph S2 Episode 8: We didn't really need that guy, right?

This week's episode was pretty good...it started nicely by jumping right back in to the action and bringing the opening song from the first season back as fight music. Yuu's obsession with family is starting to get a bit excessive, though. I actually found the last scene to be a bit funny...Yuu realizes that he's already taken his limit of two pills and decides not to just take one more pill, but to take multiple pills. I guess if you're already screwed, you might as well push it, right? I think we were all expecting Yuu to go berserk again, but it looks like simple death is all we get for now.

Well, the preview segment clearly shows Yuu fighting again. He doesn't seem to have gone berserk either. I'm curious, though...it shows Mika clinging on to a body which is very likely Yuu's body (who else would he care to hold?). Is that Yuu's unconscious body after he finishes his fight? Or was the beginning part of the preview some sort of illusion and Yuu remains a lifeless corpse for the entire next episode? Frankly, I'm fine with either option.

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