Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 9: Power of family?

I guess this week's episode was a moment of growth for both Orga and Kudelia as they figure out what to do with each other. But now we have an alliance between the T-factions, Tekkadan, Teiwaz, and Turbines, so it's time to finally get to Earth? The woman from the bar is also somewhat introduced...I wonder how she'll play into the story. She seems somewhat important. Maybe she's a mobile suit pilot? A future enemy? Or is she just a love interest?

Given that this series is likely going to be in the 24-episode range, I really wonder what's in store for us at the halfway point. You'd expect there to be a big turn or something. Next week's episode looks like it will go more into Atra's background. It also looks like Barbatos will be back in action. Based on the preview image, the design looks the same, but I look forward to what has improved from the full redesign. The electricity flowing around the machine was a bit suspicious, though. Was it sabotaged instead of improved? I really hope not...I want to see some cool new features!

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