Noragami Aragoto Episode 9: Is this the legendary NTR I've heard so much about?

What kind of guy kisses a girl on a first date after seeing her obviously upset about something for the entire date? It's things like that that are making me think this senpai was actually sent to make Hiyori forget about Yato or further some evil plot. I'm surprised that Hiyori is forgetting Yato, though. I would have thought that her connection with Yukine would be enough to keep her memories intact. I guess he's been too busy with his training or something.

The preview makes it look like the gods are getting together to take down Ebisu. However, doesn't this all seem too convenient? We're aware that there's someone else pulling the strings. My personal speculation is that Yato, after having spent some time with Ebisu, will realize that he's no mastermind and potentially come to his aid when the other gods are trying to take him out. What are other people's thoughts?

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