Comet Lucifer Episode 7: Is this Halo?

In true anime fashion, it looks like the heroes find what they were looking for the minute they weren't looking for it. My complaints about Sogo don't really change this week...I'm surprised that I prefer Roman as a character despite the fact that I don't typically like his archetype. Also, did anyone else find Felia's behavior with Moura at the end of this week's episode weird? She seemed like she was treating him as a comrade who had just died in battle...but it's pretty clear that he's still going to be around.

Next week, I guess we'll be dealing with this halo that Felia just summoned. Is it supposed to be a world-destroying halo or something? It's been giving off the air of danger so far...maybe it means we'll finally figure out what Felia is. Sigh...and here I was hoping that coming back to this place would give Felia some sort of memory restoration and fix her personality. Heck...I would have even settled for Felia using her power to make Moura stronger, but reliant on Sogo in some way to fight optimally.

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