Noragami Aragoto Episode 7: New enemy approaches

It turns out the next big enemy that I thought was just a businessman is actually another god. I was a bit surprised that he revealed himself so quickly to the viewers as the one behind the masked ones, but I guess he's in the opening song so there's not much to hide anyway. Other than that, this week's episode was a decent moment for Yukine as he figures out his role as Yato's exemplar. The bit with the shrine was a little strange since Yato was saving up so much money to get his own shrine, but ends up getting a fairly cheap one from Hiyori. Maybe it's a greed thing where Yato was saving up to get the best shrine he could make, but the value of the shrine given from a human has greater meaning?

Next week's episode looks to bring Ebisu out more as the villain for the series. It looks like he's going to sick some more masked ones on Yato. Please don't tell me that the mask he's wearing will be enough to make him unrecognizable for Yato...that might be unbearable to watch. That being said, though, there's a pretty weird moment in the preview. There's a brief flash showing Ebisu that a flashback or maybe there will be more to his "villainy" than it appears.

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