Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 6: Mikazuki the Farmer

The face when you find out your maid is more useful on the ship than you are...anyway, I guess Kudelia finally found her role as a teacher (I guess that makes her a bit more like Marina taking care of the kids?). Other than that, this week's episode was pretty quiet. I'd say the most interesting part of the episode for me was Orga's conversation with Biscuit explaining the dynamic between him and Mikazuki. It's interesting how Orga acknowledges the pressure that Mikazuki puts on him to progress and take action as a leader.

It looks like next week's episode will introduce a new enemy...though that may remain to be seen. The preview suggests some sort of past connection between this guy and Tekkadan, so it's possible that he's just blowing off some steam and will become an ally after the fight. I'm definitely looking forward to Barbatos in action some more. The preview shows Barbatos with some very distinctly non-mace weapons, so it should be a lot of fun.

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