Owari no Seraph S2 Episode 4: Tardiness is pretty serious

I might be nuts, but Yuu's character is becoming less frustrating to watch than he was in the first season. He takes his losses in stride and seems to be fairly levelheaded in combat. That being said, he has only faced other humans so far this season, so we have no way of knowing if he will continue to lose it when facing his vendetta. I'm still not convinced that he can keep it together against Mika. That being said, the fight this week was pretty fun to watch...though I'm curious just how strong the other teams are with all of their criticism.

I guess next week's episode is finally the start of the fighting between humans and vampires. I'm getting the sense that these new mentors for our main characters won't last the season...they're probably just more fodder to strengthen our heroes. The title of the episode seems pretty interesting, though...it suggests that other captured humans will join in the fight against the vampires. Will they even be helpful with normal human strength or will it be another classic case of "strength in numbers"?

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