Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 5: Rise of the chocolate man

This week's battle was really fun to watch...the Barbatos ended up being much more capable in space that I initially expected (perhaps it was originally designed for space). The only issue I may have with the episode is that Akihiro basically disappears soon after entering the fight and reappears when everything is over. What exactly happened to him? As another note from this week's episode, it looks like McGillis is becoming more and more like Char with the way he analyzes the Gundam in combat, so he remains the most likely candidate for the mask.

I guess the journey to Earth has begun. The preview for next week's episode doesn't show that much action, so I guess we're just going to cool down from the battle this week. I'm still pretty curious about the Barbatos...I had thought that the armor was what made it unique and that was the reason why it was no longer being made despite its high performance, but Mikazuki jettisoned the arm plating pretty easily and I can't imagine the crew would have the resources to replace it if the armor really were special. Also, based on images I've seen around of the Gunpla, it looks like Barbatos has a few more weapons other than the mace...looking forward to seeing those in action.

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