Noragami Aragoto Episode 5: Dual wielding like a boss

Well, it turns out Yukine's return was much quicker than I anticipated...turning into twin blades is pretty sweet. That aside, I was honestly not expecting Kazuma to sacrifice himself like that (for a second, I thought he was pushing Yato into the attack for some calculated reason). Yato's really good at getting other people to take attacks for him, huh? I actually don't like the idea of him being dead for seems too early in this second season for how important he's been to the story (in the first season too).

Next week, it looks like the battle will continue against the real culprit Kugaha...presumably, Yato and Bishamon will finally be on the same side. From the preview, it looks like all of the Regalia that Bishamon pronounced as dead at the end of this week's episode are still alive, so I'm sure they'll survive this battle. In addition to the battle itself, it looks like there will be some background on Kugaha to fill in some time (I can't imagine beating Kugaha will take too long). Judging by the progression of people in the recent episodes, it should be Bishamon's turn to take an attack for Yato, right? After that, I'm guessing it's Hiyori? That seems like the logical progression...

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