Owari no Seraph S2 Episode 3: Mission is set

Question: did they ever mention before that demons were originally vampires? Kureto said it so casually to Guren this week that I wasn't sure whether I had missed it somewhere. That aside, I suppose this week's episode was meant to show Guren in a good light? Even though the main characters are suspicious of Guren, Kureto seems to see him as too nice a soldier, caring too much for his comrades. I'm almost feeling sorry for him...it's starting to feel like everyone's out to get him.

Anyway, next week's episode looks to be the start of the fighting with the main characters moving to Nagoya to take on some vampire nobles. It looks like the main focus of this series is to preempt an incoming vampire assault by striking first. As a final note, I don't usually say things about the endcard for an episode, but this week's was particularly curious. It shows Krul and Ashuramaru lying together...now that we've established that demons were formerly vampires, is that picture meant to suggest some sort of prior relationship between the two?

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