Owari no Seraph S2 Episode 2: Training

I don't know if this week's episode was meant to introduce the demons in the weapons to the cast. If not, then I guess it was just unlocking the main cast's abilities to better prepare for what's about to happen. That being said, most of those events were expected...the notable exception being that Yuu was so calm in dealing with Ashuramaru (I suppose that shows how far he's come). I'd actually say the most interesting bit from this episode was actually the part from the vampire side and their conversation about the Seraph of the End. If I remember correctly, Yuu took the name "Hyakuya" from his adoptive family, meaning that Mika should also be part of the Hyakuya Sect from the conversation. Does that mean he will be used as another Seraph of the End to face Yuu?

The preview makes it looks like the action should get started up again next week. That's all I can really get from that preview...there seems to be a scene with Guren and the image of someone I'm guessing is Shinoa's sister, but I don't know what to make of it. Music-wise, this week's episode introduces the opening and ending themes. I'm a bit disappointed that they aren't Hiroyuki Sawano songs like the first season, but I can live with the replacements. The opening song is fripside, but it seems very different from the typical fripside song (I'd say in a good way). The ending song is solid as a Yanagi Nagi song...no complaints there.

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