Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 3: Independence day

Well, the battle against Crank went pretty much as I guessed from last week. I'm still counting on Ein to get really obsessed with killing Barbatos and donning a mask (even though he doesn't appear this week). In other news, the kids have taken over the base...I guess CGS (or Tekkadan, I suppose) is the metaphorical ship for this Gundam series as the children try to make their place in the world. That aside, did we ever get any confirmation on where Barbatos came from? It seems like a pretty high-spec mech for these kids to have. This week showed off some sort of piledriver in the spear/mace/lance/thing. Does the Gundam have any other hidden weapons?

I'm assuming things will cool down next week. We still need some time to introduce the characters and develop Mikazuki, right? I'm starting to get more and more curious about where his character development is headed. The fact that they're laying on his unwavering cold demeanor this early in the series means they must have some big changes planned for him. The easy guess is thatĀ Orga is some sort of Kamina character that will leave leadership to Mikazuki when he's done, but there are plenty of other possibilities.

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