Comet Lucifer Episode 2: Where exactly does the comet come into play?

I'm still on the fence with this series. The first episode seemed alright, but I don't really like a lot of the things that are introduced in this second episode, like the girl naive to the world and the mascot character that I think I'll get sick of as the show continues. Felia is probably going to be a hit-or-miss character...some people find the parroting and childishness cute and others will find it frustrating (I'm on this side). On Sogo's side of things, I guess he's going to have to learn how to control his new ability to make the mascot character turn into a far, it looks like it's controlled by his stress level or something. Also, am I really supposed to believe that Roman would so easily call of his wedding that he was willing to chase Kaon underground to get?

The preview for the next episode makes it look pretty quiet. Is the goal of the series to show Sogo defending his home and happy life from these soldiers trying to get Felia? Or will they go on a journey of some sort? Given that episode three tends to be a turning point for most shows, I have to expect that things will go to crap at the end of the next episode, but I really have no hint as to how it will look from the preview...that's pretty annoying.

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