Owari no Seraph S2 Episode 1: Loyalty?

Back with another season after a break. I'm assuming the first half of this episode was intended to show the contrast (or maybe similarities) of Yuu from the beginning of the first season to now. Most of the characters get reintroduced through interactions with our main character. I'm not entirely sure what the second half was intended to suggest...perhaps that the main enemy for this season will not necessarily be the vampires?

It looks like most of the coming episodes will be focused on training Yuu with his Cursed Gear to prepare for the next fight against the vampires. That suggests that the interactions we'll be seeing will be with other humans, not vampires, making my guess very possible. If that's the case, the story will probably switch back to the school scene that everyone has been complaining about (which I would say is somewhat justified). This entire second season is going to be new for me since the end of the first season was the last thing I read in the manga. Let's see where things go.

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