Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru First Impressions (1): The culprit is...

I'm going into this show pretty blind, but I have to admit that this first episode has grabbed my interest. The main character Sakurako Kujou seems to be another take at Sherlock Holmes, the quirky detective (in this case, manifested as a bone fetish) with limited social skills but strong detective skills. The story is also told through the perspective of the assistant, our Watson, Shoutarou Tatewaki. The first episode seems to set the stage for a typical episodic mystery series with these two characters as they go along finding bones.

So far, this series has most of the qualities of the Western mysteries I prefer to watch. While the first episode's mystery was actually a fairly typical case of the murder disguised as a suicide, I still found it to be an interesting introduction. One thing I'd like to say, though, is that I'm hoping Shoutarou doesn't take too passive a role in the series and remain solely the observer. While his fixation on shrimp in this first episode was pretty funny, I guess I just want to see more. That being said, I'm definitely on board. Finally, I'd like to note that the song at the end (not sure if it's the opening or ending song) was very nice. I'm looking forward to listening to it more.

  • chikorita157

    Oct. 8, 2015, 4:15 p.m.

    I have to admit that this show draw me in, especially the characters, but hopefully it will be slightly more interesting mysteries than Gosick, which got better in the second half. Then again, the setup is very familiar to that show with the male lead taking a supporting role, besides being made by the same studio.



    Oct. 8, 2015, 6:12 p.m.

    seems like it could be interesting so far...I get the Gosick vibes, but I don't really feel it as strongly as others seem to


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