Young Black Jack First Impressions (1): Intense doctoring

Given that I hadn't read or seen anything from the original Black Jack series, I went into this series fairly blind. I was expecting something similar to Saijou no Meii, which is mostly what this first episode was, with the main difference being that the main character Hazama Kuroo displays more weakness that Saijou. I think it adds to the show. Also, it looks like the trajectory of the show from here is to show the weaknesses of the healthcare system through Hazama and question a lot of moral issues related to human lives.

Since healthcare is a field where I'm actually somewhat knowledgeable, I'm sure I'll keep up with this series. However, whether I will continue writing blog posts about it depends on what else is airing. Music-wise, I thought the ending song was very good...opening song wasn't too bad, but I didn't like it as much. While this first episode was a question of viability (whether the kid's arm could reasonably be re-attached), it looks like the next episode will focus more on a moral aspect of saving someone. I'm definitely curious about what will happen...

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