Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans First Impressions (1): Trying really hard not to be a Gundam fanboy

Now, let's go with some Gundam. This first episode is mostly what we would expect from a first episode of a Gundam series (minus the peaceful colony setting). First, the series introduces tensions between two entities, in this case Mars and Earth (where have we seen this before?). Then, a hopeless battle ensues, displaying the military might of one of the sides (I believe it's Mars this time), with the Gundam appearing at the last second to save the day.

That being said, there is one noticeable difference in the first episode that has me somewhat hopeful...the main character, Mikazuki Augus, is not the same random kid that stumbles upon the Gundam as with most other series. Instead, we have someone who is no stranger to combat and has already shown proficiency as a pilot before operating the Gundam. Hopefully, that means the first few episodes will focus more on the Gundam's capabilities rather than watching the kid fumble around as a pilot.

Next week's episode will likely talk more about the Gundam...I believe the episode's title, Barbatos, is the name of the Gundam. I'm very curious about the Gundam's origin and its capabilities. All we've seen so far is a lance, which is a strange weapon for a Gundam. It seems to severely lack slashing power. Honestly, it looks like something you would use to joust...does that suggest that the Gundam will eventually get a mount? I've been looking forward to watching this show and this first episode makes me want to keep watching so far. Also, the opening song played at the end of the episode sounded pretty good, which is helpful. Who's with me?

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