Noragami Aragoto First Impressions (1): Return of the delivery god

So we're back with another season. The first half of this episode goes as you would expect, reintroducing the main cast with another one of Yato's jobs going wrong. With that aside, though, the episode shifts its focus to Bishamon, who is supposed to be the main focus of the season. We get a display of how incredibly different Bishamon's battle style is to Yato's, relying on combinations with multiple Regalia...kind of a cool battle style if you ask me. Given the trajectory of the season, I'm curious how much Hiyori's condition is going to be put on the back burner. I guess it really isn't important.

There are a few routes this season can go, it seems. Bishamon will find Yato either through figuring out what Kazama did at the end of the last season or through this Regalia from her family that has befriended Yukine. I also wouldn't be surprised if Yukine is the reason that Yato and Bishamon eventually reconcile (friendship across battle lines, I suppose). Speculation aside, let's talk music. My initial impression of the opening song is pretty good so's got a good groove to it. The ending song isn't terrible, but the music sounds a bit chaotic for my taste. One last side note related to music: anyone else really miss the song that plays in the preview? I'm really glad they kept that.

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