God Eater Episode 9: Not over yet

So this week's episode seems to be an introduction for Soma into the cast, revealing that he is the son of Schicksal and that he was one of the original God Eaters. His emotional damage was fairly quickly healed by Lenka, though...looks like he's officially part of the team. As for Lenka and Lindow, I take back what I said last week about them working together...it looks like I might have been right about Lenka being Lindow's replacement after all now that Lindow is presumably being labeled a traitor.

It looks like this series is not quite done yet...the end of the episode revealed that four more episodes will be released in the winter. I'm not sure about anyone else watching this series, but I'm pretty sure I'll have forgotten about it by then. I'm curious how this show is evaluated while watching all of the episodes at once...watching it as airs has been a pretty grueling experience personally...

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