Charlotte Episode 12: Another pseudo-ending episode?

Wow...given the way the show was going, I wasn't actually expecting my messiah ending for Yuu to be correct. It looks like he's really going to be the one who goes around saving people with powers by taking them away. I think there's an inherent problem in this idea, though. The Yuu we saw last week was horribly incapable of taking care of himself in an actual confrontation...does he really have what it takes to take on this mission by himself? I suppose the final episode may be there to help prove that. I can accept his change in personality, but reliability isn't built overnight.

This series really likes to make you think that you're at the end. There should be one more episode, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what will happen. At this point, my only thought is that it could be some sort of epilogue. That being said, I think this entire set of ending episodes has felt like a rushed drama to most people watching so far, so I would more appreciate a final episode that makes good use of its time rather than ending fluff. We'll see what happens, but I'm going to remain on the skeptical side for now.

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