GATE Final Episode (12): Itami, the great savior

Well, even though Yao's story seems to be somewhat hanging in the air after this "final" episode, at least we have a decent idea what's going to happen. For that reason, I wouldn't call this week's episode a cliffhanger for the next season. I am curious whether she really will wait around in the base for Itami to return or if she's planning on acting on her "money or seduction" plan. I'm running on the assumption that she's going to use that plan on Itami and that's how she gets solidified as a member of the main cast.

This series was pretty entertaining to watch, but I hesitate to treat this episode like an overview because it didn't really feel like one (it probably wasn't meant to be one either). I guess I'll leave this with a "see you in January"? One final question for the show, though. Is the scene from the screenshot supposed to indicate that Lelei is incorporating chemistry into her spells? Because that seems like an interesting concept to perception of magic is that it is meant to subvert the laws of nature.

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