Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace Final Episode (11): I guess this was finally Hashiba's moment

I'm going to try and interpret this ending as best as I can. On the surface, the ending seems strange, right? If the entire plan culminated in Namikoshi's death, doesn't that make the plan a success? Why would the ending be celebratory if Namikoshi ended up getting what he wanted? I'm assuming the idea was that Namikoshi's death was meant to get Akechi to enter the circle of hatred that is Twenty Faces. However, the fact that Akechi fought against this plan to the very end resulted in what could be called a failure. That being said, though, there's one piece of the ending that doesn't quite add up for me. If the plan was to spread the message of Twenty Faces, how was that not accomplished? I understand the plan to turn Akechi failing, but shouldn't the propagation of Twenty Faces have succeeded? Why were things quieting down after the incident? It seems like an inconsistency to me.

All in all, I would judge this ending as somewhat weak. I get that the show was trying to question the idea of justice in society, but I wish Namikoshi wasn't ultimately portrayed as child who really wanted Akechi-senpai to notice him. I think something that would have made the ending more interesting is if the disappearance of Namikoshi's body had been planned as a way to immortalize his ideal, but no such luck there. That being said, I would say the show was interesting enough to bring me in and asked some decent questions, so I'd put it in the higher end of shows this season (I don't expect much agreement on that, though).

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