Gakkou Gurashi Episode 10: Falling apart

I suppose it's about time for the illusion to break. While I'm a bit annoyed at the convenient timing of the medicine that could potentially cure the zombie infection, I'm willing to relent a bit because I believe Kurumi's character is least deserving when it comes to becoming a zombie. But that aside, is this episode the beginning of the end for Yuki's illusion? With Megumi's zombie back in the picture, it seems like many of the foundations for the dream are breaking down. If that's the case, then I suppose the only question that remains is how useful she will be without them.

The fact that next week's episode will likely introduce a cure of some sort brings up some more questions. Will it completely restore Kurumi? If so, can it also be effective on the others that fully became a zombie like Megumi or Taromaru? If the answer to that second question is yes, is that a bit too convenient? I understand that a cure must eventually be found (or humanity eventually wiped out), but having the cure already available in the school all along is a bit much. As a final note, Miki says she's the logical choice for grabbing the medicine for Kurumi because she has no attachment to Megumi, but what about Taromaru? I can only assume some cheap scene will occur where he escapes the room where Kurumi trapped him.

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