GATE Episode 11: New character time?

It looks like the Green People are getting a reputation as saviors in this other world. This new character, Yao Ha Ducy, seems fairly straightforward, looking to ask the JSDF to save her clan from the red dragon. The only question I have is this: if her clan is already being attacked, won't they be too late? My guess is that she saw the attack on Tuka's clan and is worried about her own, which would mean she plans to ask for protection, something that would require more constant patrols and is likely to be rejected. If her clan was currently being attacked she should be more panicked and forceful when it comes to finding help. On the other side of the world, I like the approach Pina is taking with negotiations given the behavior the emperor has shown so far (he seems less negotiable).

From the preview, it looks like Yao will be detained by the JSDF for question, likely because she is about to barge in on their military grounds. Given that Itami just left to go to the capital and the title of next week's episode ("What would Itami do?"), it looks like one of his subordinates will be faced with handling Yao's situation in his place. After that, is she supposed to be another member of the main cast or will she leave the group when her clan is eventually secured? She certainly seems more useful than Tuka, if we're just comparing elf vs. dark elf...

Side note: anyone else wondering who the girl walking around with Rory was? Did I miss an episode or something?

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