Rokka no Yuusha Episode 10: He chose!

They really like making the rounds with the suspicions of the seventh. This week's episode places the suspicion more on Maura. And I don't say that only because she lies about's also the fact that Nashetania turns on Adlet too. Given her affection for him, there's not much reason for her to change her mind so easily if she were actually the seventh. The only reason I can think of is that she has realized that she can no longer place the blame on anyone (with Hans gone) and is forced to choose the most likely second suspect.

This show is actually quite fun, mostly because of how much they shuffle the suspicion throughout the group. My suspicions still haven't changed, but I will admit that they are being disturbed by this episode and last week's episode. That being said, we're only left with two remaining episodes. I suppose they can only throw the suspicion on so many people...eventually it has to end. Hopefully we get the reveal before the would be tragic if we didn't.

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