GATE Episode 10: Back to the other side

A bit more action happening in this week's episode...but I'd say not that much happened otherwise. The foreign operations to capture one of the visitors from the other side failed and everyone makes it back safely. I guess Rory gets displayed as the immortal demigod...I'm not entirely sure giving her that level of power was necessary, but I guess it makes sense given her position. I had also almost forgotten about Tuka's father until she mentions it at the very end...when is that going to go away?

From the preview for next week, it looks like the episode will potentially introduce a new character. I'm guessing Pina will also attempt to convince the king to work with the Japanese for peace and I'm also guessing that it will not convince him...partly because of the way he acted near the beginning of the series and partly because the series would probably end here if it worked. That being said, I'm also curious where the show goes from here. Back to battles between the JSDF and the Empire?

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