Overlord Episode 9: Well that was easy

I was hoping for more revelation from Momonga in this week's episode. I understand that he was learning a bit from the fight, but it wasn't like they were big-picture world-related pieces of information. Maybe the only thing (and I don't know how much of a big deal this is) would be that he learned about items that didn't exist in Yggdrasil, which seems fairly trivial to me. I guess the main point of the episode was to show off how strong Narberal actually was.

This week's episode ends with some potential strife back at Nazarick, but given that it's Shalltear, who was blindly obsessed with Momonga similar to Albedo, I can only imagine that it will be something silly that's resolved quickly at the beginning of next week's episode. Given the fact that only four episodes remain in this series, I can only imagine that the next "excursion" or whatever will be the last one...

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