Rokka no Yuusha Episode 9: Suspicions everywhere

Another theory from Adlet was squashed this week. That part of the show is actually starting to get annoying to feels like Adlet comes up with very logical reasons for his theories on how the barrier was activated, but they end up getting refuted with "nope, magic doesn't work like that". I think it's a really frustrating way to inject magic into a world. As for Nashetania's statement about Hans calling her princess when he entered, I went back and did a quick check. I couldn't find the part where he actually calls her princess, but I noticed that Maura calls her princess before he enters the temple, which could explain why he did. I'll probably do a more thorough check later. I still find it very unlikely that Hans is the seventh.

Naturally, my suspicions are still the same with Maura and Nashetania as the most likely candidates. Maura lost a little bit of suspicion this week because one of the reasons that I suspected her deeply, her statement that the crests would disappear if one of the six died, was confirmed by Nashetania (she wasn't there when Maura was explaining to Hans). This makes it unlikely that Maura was trying to trick everyone by stating that. That being said, she's still unnaturally "untouchable" when it comes to blame because of her reputation, so not all suspicion is lost. Finally, it really looks like this fog barrier is actually the final boss for this series and the show will end with the group escaping (and I'm guessing the seventh won't be revealed). I guess we'll see.

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