GATE Episode 9: Enemy approaches

I understand that the cliche of the greedy Americans is founded in at least a little bit of truth, but it's a bit boring to watch...I guess the country works as a political antagonist for the series, though. Also, did anyone else find Pina's "this world has..." lines to be annoying? There's a certain point where those outbursts just start feeling unbelievable to me. But complaints aside, this week's episode mostly acts as a day off for the group while enemies lurk around outside.

The reveal that Itami has connections in the Defense Ministry...let's just say I'm not a fan of it, but I can see why it was done. In my opinion, it somewhat cheapens his accomplishments if he has those sorts of connections, but it makes sense that they would try to push this message of "even an otaku can make these kinds of professional relationships".

I'm guessing that next week's episode will be fairly straightforward. Itami and Rory will likely get interrupted by the invading soldiers sent to kidnap the fantasy characters and the group will escape to some other neutral area. The title of the next episode, Despair and Hope, is kind of a strange thing too...I'm sure the fact that "hope" comes second is important in the progression of the events that will happen (suggesting something like "despair, then hope"). But what exactly is the source of the despair? Is it just that the government is out to get them? Or will something more happen?

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