Gakkou Gurashi Episode 8: Conspiracies everywhere

(This post is again happening because of shortage of other shows to cover this week). This week's episode brings another twist into the my opinion, the revelation that the school was prepared for the outbreak is not that interesting, for some reason. It likely means that the school was at least partially responsible for the outbreak. It could have either been a testing ground for the biological weapon or the laboratory responsible for creating it.

I'd say the more interesting facts from the episode are from the flashbacks. For one, it's shown that the School Live Club is created very shortly before Megumi is lost (it's revealed this week that she still exists as a zombie in the basement...something that will likely become relevant soon). I couldn't quite tell from the flashback regarding taking the picture whether Yuki was sane before Megumi becomes a zombie, but given that she couldn't remember taking that picture, it's very likely that she was sane in the flashback (taking the picture is part of a separate "mind's" memories).

For some reason, it felt funny to me that Miki was reading Stephen King in a zombie outbreak. But that aside, I think now the show enters a bit of a dangerous area where the story is starting to become serious enough that Yuki's fantasies and goofiness might start to feel out of place. I'm curious how the series will try to cope with that fact. Next week's episode, just based on the preview, seems to go back to its regular antics...with the girls presumably following along with another one of Yuki's whims. Given that her psychosis is starting to break down, I'm not convinced it will take up the entire episode, but I guess we'll see.

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