Overlord Episode 8: Well, at least stuff is happening

And so it continues. I was a little surprised that those newbie adventurers were killed and tossed aside so easily, but I guess they weren't exactly the most important characters in the world. Other than that, Momonga slices up some skeletons this week...pacing is still really slow. Random question, though: why bring the hamster to the fight if it's just going to hide in a tree and watch the whole time? Does the hamster actually do anything useful?

I was hoping this week's episode would reveal some sort of end point for this series, but given that this whole situation will likely end next week, I'm guessing that rescuing Nphirea is not going to be the final event in this series. I'm assuming the fight with Clementine is going to reveal something about this world to Momonga and he might find something to actually investigate with his time.

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