Other Anime of Summer 2015: Gakkou Gurashi (Up to Episode 7)

If you haven't watched the first episode, I don't suggest reading this. You might also want to be caught up since any content in the first seven episodes is fair game here.

So this week's pretty dead when it comes to airing anime. It seems like many episodes have been delayed. To make up for this, I'm shifting focus to a different series that I'm watching in this season. Those of you reading my posts might not necessarily know that I studied neuroscience (among other things) in college, but knowing that probably makes it pretty obvious that I would find this show interesting. Yuki's condition is especially curious for someone like me.

As someone with so much trust in personal perception, I can't imagine what kind of condition would lead someone to legitimately convince herself that everything that she sees isn't real. I would question whether her brain is actually intercepting her eye's perception and replacing it with something else (similar to a delusion and the most likely case) or whether she's just actively convincing herself at all times (this would be more like a conscious coping mechanism).

All that aside, I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that Yuki's delusional whims tend to actually get things done for the group. She's the reason that Miki isn't dead and the impromptu mall trip was a great way to stock up on supplies. I understand the idea that pure realism may not be the only productive thing in a crisis situation, but it makes every girl except shovel girl seem useless to the team.

Final side note: I actually suspected Megumi as a delusion fairly early on, so it was a lot of fun watching her every interaction with the group to see whether there were any interactions that were not made through Yuki.

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