GATE Episode 8: Diets are fun?

So I wasn't really expecting much to happen this week given that there had to at least be some time devoted to showing off the wonders of the modern world to these fantasy characters. That being said, I think a decent balance was struck for time allocation there. As for the Diet conference itself, I honestly wasn't expecting it to be so focused on the battle with the dragon. I understand that there can't possibly be a frame of reference for a dragon in our society, but given the myths surrounding dragons, I would have thought there would be more sympathy for the soldiers fighting it.

One other random question: when did Pina learn Japanese? In the final exchange while she's shaking the Senator's hand, she responds immediately to the Senator's question without needed a mediator. When did she have time to learn that? Based on the events of this week's episode, I'm guessing that next week's episode is devoted to these stalkers that keep trying to attack from the shadows on the group. Also, given that Itami's ex-wife mentioned pages combined with Itami's personal obsession, my assumption is that she's a mangaka...should be interesting to see how she reacts to parallel world visitors.

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