Overlord Episode 7: More nothing...

Once again, nothing major happens in this week's episode. The only event of real note is that Nphirea finds out that Momonga and Ains are the same person, which isn't exactly a huge revelation. Isn't it a bit disappointing that a series that has such intense OP and ED songs feels so much like filler? Well, theoretically things will start to pick up next week since this Clementine character has finally revealed herself to Nphirea and will likely capture him at the start of next week's episode.

Given that this series is only 13 episodes, what kind of ending is it going to have? With the current pacing, it looks like there will be very little happening by the time we reach the end. Does that mean that there will be another season to fill in the rest? If that's the case, it would probably mean that there will be a break next season before the show picks up again...which means the ending of this season will likely be a cliffhanger. Alternatively, the show could ramp up really hard in the last few episodes...but I can't imagine how that would look.

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