GATE Episode 7: Kurata finally gets his catgirl

Well, this week's episode was a pretty chill one. Pina's general pessimism and concern regarding the JSDF is understandable, but a bit hard to watch. While her misinterpretations are pretty funny, it's actually somewhat painful to watch her reactions when Itami acts nicer than she expects. But that aside, the only other two things that really happen this week are that Kurata finally gets to meet the catgirl he so desperately wanted to see on the other side of the gate and that the elf actually shows that she can do...something useful.

I have a bad feeling about next week's episode. Since all of these fantasy characters are entering modern Japan, there's going to be a segment of next week's episode that will have to be set aside so they can marvel in the wonders of technology. I usually cringe when I watch things like that, so hopefully it doesn't last too long. I'm also expecting a gag involving Akihabara and the fantasy characters feeling "at home" in that environment or something.

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