Charlotte Episode 6: That escalated quickly

Well, this week's episode sure upped the drama intensely. I'm still curious whether Ayumi's sickness was just conveniently timed or somehow a precursor to her gaining the power. That aside, though, did anyone else find the drama in this week's episode to be too forced? Ayumi's friend basically attacks her right after they are introduced in the show. Another interesting scene from this week's episode is the apparent confirmation of the water guy's power...based on Nao's reaction to this week's target, it sounds like the guy only points to the target's current location on the map. This, of course, begs the question: what if they move?

The lack of an actual on-screen death scene seems odd, but the preview for the next episode (search around for it if you want to see it) seems to heavily suggest Ayumi's death...though to be fair, that could just be an intentional ruse. The scene also shows Yuu in a hospital, which could explain the blood at the very end of the episode. Last thought for the day: is the water guy going to start becoming more relevant? This is based on the final scene in the episode showing him standing over the rubble.

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