Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 6: Pure democracy? Seems dangerous...

I actually find that smartphone vote from Gelsadra incredibly suspicious. I understand that he wants to demonstrate how much he believes in his strategies by staking his office on the decision, but isn't the whole thingĀ a little manipulative? If someone has no strong opinion on the policy, you're basically ensuring their vote just because that person will likely psychologically tend towards keeping the status quo (keeping Gelsadra in office) rather than causing anarchy. Also, I have my own strong opinions on why a purely democratic system doesn't work...too easy to influence the moderate majority as the vocal minority.

I'm pretty curious how this proposed system from Gelsadra would transpire in our society. I don't personally know too much about Japanese politics, so I can't really comment on how effective it would be in their culture. I was actually surprised when I was watching how receptive the politicians seemed to be...most videos I watch of American politicians display a group of people unyielding to any form of reason when it comes to their opinions and the views of their constituents. I'm curious how things end up playing out...will things blow up in Gelsadra's face? Honestly, that's the ending I kinda want to see...

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