GATE Episode 6: Capture

While I'm all for giving Rory and the female soldier the opportunity to show off in combat a bit, was anyone else bothered by Rory's style of fighting? For someone with such an overtly huge ax, she struck most of her killing blows with the spear-like ends of her weapon, seemingly relying far too much on impaling over slashing. That aside, though, I still think Kurata is the most hilarious character to watch in this series...just look at how he was reacting to Pina's knights.

Speaking of Pina's knights, they really do reflect the personality of their leader, very full of themselves despite a lack of real power. They were annoying to watch them acting so high and mighty for a group that shouldn't have much legitimate combat experience. Anyway, I'm assuming they take Itami back to Pina next week and Itami gets his chance to build a more positive relationship with her.

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