Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 3

There really is too much time between these's hard to keep track of what's going on without re-watching them every time a new one comes out (which takes way more dedication than I have). But back to the actual movie. Unfortunately, this movie was pretty uneventful for Akito's side of things...there are no real hints about the nature of his powers. There's a bit of background about his past with Xin, but all it really tells us is that he's apparently really good at coming back from the dead (no real explanation why, though).

Things get a bit more eventful on the other side of things with the return of Spinzaku and the reveal that "Lord Kingsley" really is Lelouch brainwashed by the Emperor's Geass. I would have fully bought the whole deal with Kingsley, but I find it awkward to the continuity of the original series that Lelouch temporarily regains his normal personality halfway near the end of the movie. I would have expected him to remember that...I suppose being the Emperor's pawn isn't exactly the most useful piece of knowledge to his rebellion.

This movie doesn't really raise many new questions. I still want to understand the exact nature of Xin's power and how it relates to Lelouch's power. It is also revealed that Leila has met C.C. in the past, but was too young to enter into the Geass contract with her. Apparently, she has a power that will save Akito...but that is actually pretty worrying to me. Remember that the power of the king is meant to isolate the user, so the easiest conclusion to draw is that her power will grant Akito the death that has haunted him and leave her wandering alone with some random Geass power. But given that the two are building a relationship, it's much more likely that there will be some loophole that saves them both and allows them to live together (or die together?).

Hopefully the next movie will clear up some of these questions...there should only be two movies left (it was originally announced as four movies, but I think it has now been extended to five). Let's see how much of the story I'll forget before the next movie comes out...who's with me?

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