Rokka no Yuusha Episode 5: Suspicions switch

And just like that, it looks like Adlet is the focus of everyone's suspicions...not too surprising given that he was the first one into the temple and is the only one whose actions cannot be verified by another hero. That being said, the "revelation" of the locked room is flawed in the same way that all locked room mysteries tend to be flawed. A locked room scenario is created with the assumption that there is only one entrance into the room and that entrance is locked.

However, a hidden entrance basically invalidates every assumption that they can make. For example, Hans argues that it should have been near-impossible to close the door after it was opened, but the fact that Adlet saw no one when he entered means that the culprit would have had to leave from another exit. Of course, I don't blame the other heroes...they're basically taking Adlet's word, after all. That being said, my suspicions currently reside with Maura and Nashetania until I see evidence otherwise. Will these guys finally be able to exit the temple next week or will it be more talking?

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