Charlotte Episode 4: I guess this counts as power of friendship

Another day, another ability user successfully recruited. Isn't this show on the verge of becoming too episodic at this rate? The main concern is that most of these recruited characters, like the photo guy, are just being tossed aside after they agree to join. The ED song for this week's episode didn't even change after recruiting the pitcher, so he's likely got no role in the future episodes either. It would be nice to know what the pitcher's limit to his power is, though. Telekinesis seems like too strong of a power to not have some restriction. Also, has anyone figured out what would happen if the soaked guy pointed to a target's location on the map and the target moved?

Am I supposed to be analyzing into Nao's request for Yuu's power at the end of this week's episode? She seemed to hint to Yuu that she was testing something about the pitcher, but the scene makes more sense as a test of Yuu's power somehow. I can't really imagine what she could have figured out just from watching him do something he's done quite often now, though. Maybe we'll find out on the next episode of "Let's see how we can incorporate pizza sauce into every food known to man".

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