Overlord Episode 4: Epic facepalm

This week's episode...well, it's pretty similar to last week's episode in that it's another display of overwhelming force from Momonga. I'm assuming the point is to show how peerless he is in this new world. To put things in perspective, try to remember that he was fighting these angels with light-element spells as an undead sorcerer. Maybe that was the reason he was taking nonzero damage from that higher angel or something...

I guess this is the beginning of the plot to take over the world. While Momonga's intentions are just to find "his people" (I'm still not convinced there are any more in this world), it seems his servants have taken a different interpretation. I'm also assuming he hears about this and thinks it's an okay idea anyway. How is the story going to progress, though? Is Momonga just going to further assimilate into the world learning the politics and culture? Or will he actually just be finding more clues related to Yggdrasil?

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