God Eater Episode 2: Time to prove yourself

While I understand why Eric's death was used to act as a motivator for Lenka and to cool him off a bit when it comes to his thirst for killing Amagami, I think it unnecessarily slowed down this second episode. Also, I'm still trying to figure out what advantages a sword-type God Arc has over a ranged-type God Arc. There was some mention of ammo this week, but the sword-type still feels too weak. You would think that it would need quite a lot of cutting power in order to compensate for the lack of range, but Lindow's weapon even needs some special chainsaw mechanic to really get going. Maybe it's effective at fighting crowds? I feel like this is where I would need to play the game to know.

Also, I'm guessing they're really pushing how parallel Lindow and Lenka are meant to be, not only in appearance. There's brief mention this week of the fact that Lenka fought the Amagami without the God Arc and it's heavily suggested that Lindow once did the same thing. Are the two meant to eventually fight as allies on equal ground or are they just meant to be mentor+disciple?

I guess next week's episode will be a display of the power a New-Type God Arc is supposed to have, using the introduction of the new character Alisa. Just judging by her personality displayed so far, I'm guessing that I won't be a fan of her as a character, but we'll see. I'm assuming that the next episode will also have to be a proving ground for Lenka, so it's highly likely that he will learn something from watching Alisa and prove he isn't a total liability.

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