Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace Episode 3: Going too far?

In general, the third episode for a given anime is meant to be a crossroads of sorts, an episode where most people decide whether they will continue or drop. Overall, I thought that this third episode was actually pretty weak, which was upsetting to me because I actually quite liked how the series was going. I don't think that this episode should have been a one-off mystery...it just felt off. Plus, there was practically no mystery in this episode...the culprit was revealed pretty much instantaneously. They must have really wanted this one to hit hard...there was way too much of a tragic story given for this random girl that survived a seemingly terminal illness.

So the episode ends with a quick cut to some faceless person reaching for a mask. Is this person going to be a main antagonist for the show moving forward? The Moriarty of the show, perhaps? Maybe that means that the show will start kicking into gear soon. Final note: I think this episode complicated my predictions a little bit...now I can't expect everything to be wrapped up neatly, so I might have to get a little creative with how I guess a story will go. I can accept that, though.

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