Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 2: Greetings, main antagonist

The VAPE leader ended up revealing himself fairly easily. How confident must he be to so easily give himself away? That aside, though, there are a surprising number of topics in this first episode worth mentioning. First off, there's the obvious parallel between the CROWDS and general weapon control (specifically guns, of course) in the world, with one side believing that humans shouldn't be allowed to even wield such things...I won't go too far into that subject though. Next up, we have the more interesting scene in this episode of the termination of the blue CROWDS. This scene indicates to me more of the prevailing opinion of vigilantism...this idea of leaving law enforcement up to the proper authorities (which I guess is the Gatchaman in this case?).

All of these themes said and done, I'm still not sure I fully understand the colors of Gel's ability. Are they meant to indicate mood or some kind of intensity? I'm not very well-versed in the psychology of colors, so maybe there's something obvious I'm missing on that front. Finally, it looks like Tsubasa's ability to transform into a Gatchaman is going to either be a running joke or potentially follows a different set of conditions than the other members...wonder how long that will last. My guess is until the end of the season. Okay, editorial writers...go nuts.

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